Fondy & the Winter Market Team Up!

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Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market & Fondy Food Center Team Up

Milwaukee, WI (October 14, 2015) The Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market (MCWFM) & Fondy Food Center (Fondy) are joining forces to grow their impact!  Starting this season, the MCWFM and Fondy will begin working together to maximize the efforts of both, mission aligned, organizations.

“This merger allows two great organizations with distinct and very different strengths to leverage what they do best into something so much more for the region,” says Young Kim, Executive Director of Fondy.  Of having entered into a working relationship with Fondy, Ritch Durheim, President of the MCWFM board, said, “In our six seasons we’ve continued to grow as a winter market and we’ve experienced significant success at the Mitchell Park Domes. We are excited about our partnership with Fondy, which will allow us to realize our mission to “provide equitable access to wholesome food.”

MCWFM is Southeast Wisconsin’s most popular and distinctive winter farmers market, and located at a classic Milwaukee location, the Mitchell Park “Domes”.  Fondy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthy food access for all – from farm to market to table –runs the Fondy Farmers Market on Milwaukee’s Northside, the Fondy Farm in Port Washington, a pop-up market at Schlitz Park, as well as a city wide farmers market access project.  This collaboration will allow for long term sustainability and broader mission impact for both organizations into the future.

The MCWFM will remain the same great place to find produce, bakery, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy & cheeses, grains, and specialty products and preserves as always, but will work towards expanding its customer base.  Young Kim, “While the changes at the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market won’t really be evident to customers and farmers, I’m eager to see how to apply lessons learned from our regular summer market to this winter market so that everyone, regardless of income, has a shot at getting the fresh, locally produced foods that are the building blocks for a healthy and productive life.”

Fondy will now have a market in operation almost every week of the year– providing year round healthy food access & economic opportunities for small producers and diverse consumers across the region.