Thank you so much for your interest in the Fondy Farmers Market!  We have a thriving market that really sings praises to the community that we’re a part of.  We see over 50,000 customers in our May to November season, and have the highest food assistance program redemption in the State.

Our 2021 VENDOR APPLICATION can be found HERE!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Farmers Markets are “essential businesses”. Fondy Food Center is working to create a COVID-19 Safe Operations plan and we expect all vendors to comply with the plan once it is published. We pledge to do everything we can to operate a safe and healthy market space where vendors can still sell their farmed and locally made products, while giving customers access to fresh, healthy, and local food. We will accept applications from anyone who is growing/raising their own food, making their own food, or creating their own locally-made products. We will begin the season ONLY with food and wellness products, and will waitlist maker/crafter applicants until further notice. We will be creating safety measures at the market that includes moving many vendors to new stalls to allow physical distancing, not allowing on-site consumption of food, and offering guidance to customers and vendors on how to safely attend the farmers market. Special Events, Music, Cooking Demos, Yoga, and Community Booths will be on hold until further notice.

Since we’re currently working off-site, we don’t have hard copies of applications readily available.  Please email Katie Hassemer at if you need assistance with the application.

Fondy Farmers Market Vendor Guidelines:

These are general guidelines we expect all vendors to agree to. All prospective vendors must agree to them as well if they are to vend at the market.

1) The Fondy Farmers Market is a producer-only market, and all products must be grown or made by the vendor. While there may be special exception to this rule, it will be case-by-case, year-to-year. All products that vendors intend to sell must be approved by Market Management.

2) Vendors are required to display prices in a reasonable manner for all products they are selling.

3) Vendors are required to follow a code of conduct that provides great customer service and good relations with fellow vendors. If conflict arises, it is the vendor’s responsibility to involve Market Management. FFM staff is always present during market hours to help handle and diffuse a conflict when necessary.

4) Vendors are required to adhere to SNAP/EBT guidelines, farm evaluations, and vendor signage requirements.

5) Vendors must comply with applicable State of Wisconsin or City of Milwaukee licensing and must follow all Health Department regulations.

6) Vendors will pay their stall fee on time, and on the schedule that Fondy Food Center provides. Stall fees are $25 per market for part-time vendors, and between $400-$550 per stall per season for full-time vendors.

7) Any additonal Rules or Regulations will be shared with vendors, expected to be adhered to, and are subject to change.

Fondy’s Agreements to Vendors:

1) Promote and market the Fondy Farmers Market

2) Uphold the producer-only value of the Market with ongoing vendor evaluation

3) Be accountable for compliance of Market Rules & Regulations

4) Maintain good communication with vendors year-round and provide translator services as needed

5) Staff the Market at all times during Market hours

6) Be a responsible financial steward

7) Process SNAP/EBT & Market currency monthly

8) Provide receipts for all Market financial transactions between FFC and vendors

9) Be responsible for cleanliness, upkeep, and utilities at the market

10) Maintain good relationships with the City in regards to Market property

11) Coordinate maintenance and repairs at Market property

12) Provide restroom access for vendors and customers

13) Invite community members and organizations that enhance the Market’s mission and offers a wide-variety of programming, entertainment and activities at the Market