Produce Incentives

We make locally grown fruits and vegetables affordable through two produce incentive programs: Market Match and Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program (FnVRx).

Through Market Match, we double the value of federal nutrition benefits (SNAP, WIC, Senior Farmers Market Vouchers) when spent on fruits and vegetables. Double the produce for consumers; double the income for farmers!

Through FnVRx, which brings the benefits of farmers markets into the healthcare setting, doctors and healthcare teams have the ability to provide prescriptions that can be turned into the Fondy Farmers Market for fresh fruits and Vegetables! Whether at well child visits, diabetes self-management appointments, or general check-ups, doctors can ensure that their patients that would benefit from increased produce consumption, can afford it. If you’re a healthcare provider interested in becoming a FnVRx program partner, you can read our Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Introduction_2019, or scroll down to see how it works.

These produce incentive program rely on ongoing community support. If you would like to join us in increasing access to fresh food and economic opportunity, please consider donating today.


Farmers Market Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program Overview