• The Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9 AM – 1 PM through April 14!
  • The Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market DOUBLES Quest / EBT purchases through Saturday, March 31st!
  • Fondy Park opened to the public in September 2017. Click to watch this video recap of the Fondy Farmers Market’s Centennial Celebration!
  • Our sponsors are helping to build a healthier and more economically prosperous food system. Click to learn more about becoming a sponsor!
    The Fondy Farmers Market opens May 12, 2018. Thank you for a wonderful centennial season!
  • Join us for the 2018 Fondy Farm Feast – Tickets Now on Sale!
  • Fondy Food Center is looking for someone to join our good food team! Click on the image to open the Administrative Assistant job posting.

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Fondy Annual Report 2017

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